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Hiper Beadlock Wheels 12 inch Single Beadlock
HiPerís Sidewinder makes use of a new generation carbon fiber material that produces the lightest 12 inch wheel on the market at a mere 8.5lbs for an eight inch wide wheel. The wheel uses a two piece modular design with a single beadlock ring. HiPer Technology is known for having the lightest and strongest wheels on the market and is proud to provide UTV owners with the option of running a truly superior wheel.

In addition to the performance advantages, the Sidewinder will also not corrode or degrade over time. The wheel is completely serviceable without any special tools for easy maintenance and reliability. The Sidewinder will be covered by HiPerís unconditional one year warranty.

The Sidewinder will be available for all popular utility machines, featuring multiple sizes and off-sets from four to ten inch widths. All HiPer wheels are tested to Department of Transportation standards and extensively field tested by top riders and racers.

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Hiper Beadlock Wheels 14 inch Double Beadlock
The all-new HiPer Dakar is the lightest, strongest, highest performing wheel available for elite side by sides and utility all-terrain vehicles. Utilizing HiPerís proven carbon fiber; the Dakar is unlike any wheel on the market.

The Dakar is a dual beadlock, 14 inch diameter wheel that weighs less than most available 12 inch wheels. The seven inch wide Dakar weighs only 12.3 pounds. This allows owners the benefit of the larger diameter without the power-draining weight increases of traditional aluminum 14 inch wheels.

This unmatched weight is due to Dakarís state-of-the-art design and materials. The dual bolt pattern center is made from rotary forged aluminum. All bolts are made from aluminum, using the latest technology. HiPerís carbon fiber wheels have been proven in the toughest race conditions around the world, including the infamous Dakar Rally.

The carbon wheel halves can be configured for standard and long travel suspension in widths from four to ten inches. As owners upgrade to long travel suspension, alternative wheel halves are available to adjust offsets and increase widths.

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